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Every company wants to improve operational efficiency, optimise quality and reduce costs.

The first step towards operational excellence is to gather and analyse data about current practices, but all too often this is seen as requiring a huge amount of time and work. In today's busy workplace, the necessary first step can become an insurmountable barrier preventing improvement.

Further issues arise from analysis of data in isolation, and poor presentation of information in graphics which do not highlight key points. In a famous example, the Challenger space shuttle disaster could have been avoided if the management team had seen a graph plotting O-ring damage against air temperature before launch.

AM Management Assistance provides simple data-driven solutions to gather and analyse the required data for you - without adding significant overhead of time or effort to your current processes, while facilitating a simpler streamlined operation.

Our team combine years of experience in operations management with scientific and engineering skills in data analysis and interpretation.

We set up simple systems of work for our customers which gather data unobtrusively while providing compliance with safety and industry regulations. Our solutions are based on websites and intranet systems for easy remote access, with smart data processing and analysis. Our goal is to give you clear visualisation of key metrics.


The following examples showcase some of our skills and past achievements.

Operational Excellence through Visualisation

Management systems such as Lean Manufacturing should be working for you, minimising wasted time, effort, movement and material. They can reduce cost, labour time, paperwork and management time, and minimise the variation that the customer experiences in the product.

AM Management Assistance can help you gather accurate data on current performance and implement visualisation techniques for ongoing process improvement. Exploited fully, visualisation can give you financial control, process control, local morale boosting, team empowerment and resource management - without creating extra work.

AM Management Assistance also offer contract project management. We can help you plan and organise a new venture, secure and manage resources, demonstrate progress-to-plan and meet customer or stakeholder expectations. Effective planning, leadership and management are essential for successful delivery of a project on time and within budget.

Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance

Quality improvements decrease operating costs directly and lead to increased sales in the longer term. While AM Management Assistance can help define overarching strategy and operating procedures, our key skill is implementing systems to empower shop floor staff to deal with the details of operational issues. A procedure that covers every operational eventuality becomes so unwieldy it is ignored; our systems provide a valued procedural framework then provide further information just when and where it is needed.

Regulatory compliance, whether to standards such as ISO9001, CE/UL, ATEX/Hazloc/IECEx, or to industry specific guidelines, is a direct route to new markets and increased sales. Every regulation is different but all demand standardisation of work and gathering of data. AM Management Assistance specialise in systems that perform these tasks unobtrusively, typically streamlining rather than adding to the workload.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety has become a negative cliche, but it can make a positive contribution to performance, staff morale and well-being. AM Management Assistance can help you ensure that you have a safe working environment, and all the necessary documentation to prove it.

  • Comply with legislation
  • Establish a safety strategy and risk register
  • Identify hazards and persons at risk
  • Perform risk assessments
  • Safeguard staff, contractors and visitors

AM Management Assistance offer practical effective guidance with health and safety policy, laser safety, COSHH, PUWER, working at height and lone working regulations, fire hazards and controls, safe systems of work - including measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus - RIDDOR, occupational hygiene, and the electricity at work regulations.

Case Study: Management Systems, Website and Intranet for Customer Compliance

A small rail maintenance company had staff working at multiple locations, all based in the field or in engineering workshops. Mistakes were made due to procedures being kept in the office, too far away for a quick check. Time was wasted on simple tasks such as purchasing repeat orders as no records were kept. Work was sourced from personal contacts and repeat orders but no records were kept of the costs of each job, so it was impossible to pursue more profitable work. A key customer had raised concerns about compliance with Network Rail reguations.

AM Management delivered a website advertising the company's facilities with an intranet section accessible on site via phone, computer or tablet. Procedures and other key documents were kept in a database that could be viewed at the click of a button. Purchases were kept in a second database for quick repeat orders. Moving the existing timesheet system online and adding a simple project index meant that the time and costs spent on each job could easily be compiled. Future quotes were made on an informed basis so contract variations could be requested where necessary and more profitable work pursued. The company passed the customer audit and won future work.


AM Management Assistance was started by Andrew Millward in 2010, providing management consultancy to SMEs.

Andrew Millward began his career in rail vehicle maintenance, engineering and instrumentation before rising to management of large scale engineering operations. With an MBA in Industrial Management and NEBOSH Health and safety qualifications, Andrew provides managment consultancy, identifying issues where time and money are wasted, and devising solutions.

Starting his career back in the days of British Rail, Andrew's engineering and instrumentation work took him the length and breadth of the rail network, and gave him 15 years' experience of rail vehicle engineering, testing and measurement solutions.

Moving into management, Andrew oversaw the commissioning of the Pendolinos for Alstom, setting up depot facilities at Manchester Longsight and traincare points from Euston to Glasgow, and was responsible for four sites and 200 staff for Metronet, delivering over 40 trains for service into the tight deadlines of London rush-hour with high penalty charges imposed by London Underground.

a qualified Health and Safety practitioner, Andrew has 10 years' experience of managing worksites, landlord responsibilites and accident investigation. He has held overall responsibility for the safety of staff, contractors and visitors on large multidisciplinary engineering sites and has a good working knowledge of current health and safety legislation.

Andrew is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Management, with an MBA in Industrial Management. With further qualifications in Prince 2 project management Andrew has in-depth knowledge of management models, process improvement and lean techniques, with the breadth of experience to be able to apply them in a practical, cost-effective manner.


Fiona Turner started her career in scientific instrumentation and metrology. With the advent of the internet-of-things, Fiona has moved into website design and web-based data management, control and visualisation. A UX certified usability practitioner, Fiona specialises in simple-to-use systems which provide just the information you need, when and where you need it. Fiona provides the data management and programming support to AM Management.

A Chartered physicist with a first class degree from Manchester and a PhD from Cambridge, Fiona has 15 years' experience of research and development projects in industry and academia.



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